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Quills Out Please!

Quills Out Please!

Do you have worlds built out of clouds, imagination running wild? Here's your chance to pen down your dream stories! (or if you've already written and formulated the script, why wait?) We see that you have a story to tell, so we present the place for you. Register now for Quills out please, the scriptwriting competition hosted by Lights Out Please, the most celebrated and the only theatre club of SSN and ATWAS, the theatre club of SNUC.


Get maximal freedom to build your story from scratch (but stick to these minimal rules!)

  • Scripts must be original, and unpublished elsewhere.
  • Explicit content is not encouraged.
  • Include a title, Log line, and Character sketches before the play!
  • Font: TNR, size: 12, line spacing: 1, limit: 40 pages.

On/Before 9th March 2023



Contact Numbers

Supraja Vaidhyanathan - 9444856059