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Anunad is eastern solo singing event. It is the right place if you are looking to prove your mettle as a singer. Flaunt your singing skills in the light music solo vocal event. Enthrall us with your voice, all eyes are going to be on you and the stage is all yours. The event is not to be missed by all you aspiring singers!


  • All Participants MUST be college students with a valid college ID card.
  • Registration Fee can be paid on spot
  • This is a two stage event. Both Prelims and Finals will be conducted offline.
  • Songs performed by participants must be in Indian languages. The presence of a considerable amount of foreign language in performance might lead to disqualification and this is up to the judge.


  • Each participant will be given 4 minutes with set up.
  • Use of a karaoke backing track is allowed. Participants using backing tracks must submit their tracks (in a USB device) at the desk before the event begins, aux connections will be available too.
  • Instrumental accompaniment is not allowed.
  • Use of Shruti box is permitted; use of a metronome isn't.
  • The judge's decision will be final.


  • The participant will be given 7 minutes to perform two songs; variety in the genre of songs performed will fetch more points.
  • One instrumental accompaniment may be used.
  • Rest of the rules are the same as in the prelims round.

March 11, 2023

Prelims: 10AM-1PM, Finals 2PM-4PM


Prelims: Mini Auditorium, Finals: Auditorium

Contact Numbers

Swetha - 9486558751

Sowmya - 6385414492