Arudhra - Classical Dance Team


Ameya - Classical Dance Team

Lights. Camera. Thadhinginathom.

Lights. Camera. Thadhinginathom.

Arudhra (SSN-CDT) and Ameya (SNU-CDT) is proud to announce our flagship event for Instincts 2023. This is a solo dance competition for all enthusiastic classical dancers across the country. Here is your platform to showcase your flair for classical dance. Join us here for an enriching journey.



  • Theme: Convey a story with a little jathi.
  • Total duration of your performance must not exceed 6 mins including stage setup (Minimum 3 mins)
  • You can dance to any song of your choice.
  • There are no restrictions in costumes.
  • Bring the song in a pen drive on the day of competition and have a backup in your mobile, in case of emergency.
  • Your performance will be judged based on the theme given.
  • Judge’s decision will be final.


  • Theme: Depiction of any Indie-filmy song
  • Total duration of your performance must not exceed 4 mins including stage setup.
  • Your performance can be Classical, Semi-classical or Folk depending on the song you choose.
  • Your performance must be a recreation of any Indie-filmy song or the depiction of the same.
  • You will be judged based on: Costume, Creativity, Expression and Footwork.
  • Judge’s decision will be final.

March 10, 2023

9AM - 11AM


Central Seminar Hall

Contact Numbers

Krishi Vijayanand - 9941683848

Divya Darshini P - 8144244911

Suraksha SP - 8939642569

Sriya A - 8309240425

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